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Watch This to Uncover the MIND-BLOWING Impact AI Has on Small Businesses

Glenn Hopper: Stuff that's out there right now for the smaller that size business say AI it's really it's this RPA it's robotic process automation so if you have an invoice addresses here usually and look down in the bottom right you're gonna have that total and somewhere in here is gonna be the day you can use this for robotic process automation so that instead of having to manually enter an invoice you scan it in and the RPA program that you're using picks up you know who it is and they you can train it and maybe manual but you could train it on you know this vendors invoice list one way or whatever so that's a step where you save some time you don't have to manually an invoice and certainly there could be errors in OCR if it misreads a number whether it's your accounting system or even your your credit card statement where a charge comes through and it's been trained and it knows oh that came from Exxon gas station or whatever so code that to fuel or or whatever sort of the state of where automation is right now.

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