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About Me

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My why

When I was a child, my grandfather was the person who inspired me the most. He worked hard to build a successful business, and his dedication to his work showed me what it takes to be successful in this life. He was also an inventor that taught me that if you can imagine it, you can make it possible.


However, later on, my wife inspired me to be a better man. She showed me how to do things in the right order and to love Jesus.


Now, it's my faith in God that motivates me to try to do my best. I believe that if I can follow him, then maybe I can have a part in making this world a better place.

What I do

Many technology companies are founded on the principles of innovation and change. However, as these companies grow and scale, they often find themselves struggling to maintain that same culture of innovation.

This is where I come in

I help technology leaders build enduring high-growth companies by guiding them to proactively innovate their workforce and benefits strategies. Such as innovative new people ops strategies, team management platforms, engagement solutions, and a critical eye on how to maximize your employer-sponsored benefits, are always on my radar.


By staying current with all things HR, Benefits, and Compliance, I'm able to help my clients stay ahead of the curve and continually redefine what's possible for their businesses. In today's rapidly changing world, this is more important than ever.


So if you're looking for someone who can help you build your team that will help you carry your company into the stratosphere, I'm your person.

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