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Unleash the Power of AI to Streamline Your Business Processes

Glenn Hopper: It's basically drag and drop coding it's low code no code stuff that you can use the Amazon Alexa system and build your own chatbot and you could build these prompts so if somebody had the inclination and you could load the database, I mean it's pretty simple and you don't have to be


Troy Vermillion: It's already there.

Glenn Hopper: yeah you don't have to be a computer science say you could have you know your CEO's or chat bot where you could come in and say what were our new list our new prospects this week so there's some cool stuff that's happening there'll be sort of these incremental changes and then we're I think the fundamental change the architectural change is going to happen when somebody has an off the shelf system that capitalizes on all the data that's out there for they're either you know an Oracle or a QuickBooks or you know SAP somebody like that is gonna figure out how to make an accessible accounting package for small size businesses and that's gonna be a game changer.

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