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Would You Eat a Bug for $20? Watch This Video Just for Laughs!

Steven Faust: I remember when I was in late teens early 20s I was with a group of people and they thought it would be fun to just bet each other you won't eat those and you won't eat that and the amounts involved looking back at were like $20 like which I would be like no but I guess like a lot of money but I'm one of them it was some kind of bug I wanna say maybe a cricket so they had a pincher on it though and that reason I'll do it so he throws it in his mouth and I could literally see his cheek getting pulled because the thing was pinching him was no I was like oh and he's just trying to muscle it down so yeah it's yeah my standards have definitely surpassed that point I guess maybe for a million you know I might change my mind but. 

Troy Vermillion: Well Fear Factor was only 50K.

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