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Unlocking the Power of Storytelling: Unbelievable Benefits You Won't Believe!

Troy Vermillion: Recently, we’ve gotten away from really good storytelling I think we depend too much on you know. 

Roger Manix: Spectacle!

Troy Vermillion: Spectacle, yeah that's a good point.

Roger Manix: Yeah 100% absolutely I went to go see kinky boots the other day here in New York from a friend of mine brought me as a gift and there was such exuberance in the theater there was a father behind me who happened to be there with his gay son at the end of the show the father had said it's really important for me to see things like this so I can help understand my son a little more and I thought help like the theater or a story can help a father love his son a little more deeply but it can impact the relationship a human to human experience where there's more acceptance instead of just derision and walls between us that are being built and I believe entertainment can do that which has a lot to do with my company as well too.

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