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Uncovering the Secrets of Digital Wellness - How it Could Change Your Child's Life!

Roger Manix: A child's brain will be forming in those first three years big time of development 80 to 90% of the child's brain fund and if we're putting technology in front of a child with all of these quick flashes and changes a child can't make sense of a narrative per se right they can't write the story together but what they're getting hit with the sort of quick flashes of light and quick cuts which really activates a part of their brain that makes them crave more and more and more that itself I believe that digital Wellness is going to be a topic that will be relevant now and for years to come and honestly like Troy I'm sure you have this in your life I have never spoke to a parent yeah who's like oh I don't really care about that or the phone isn't an issue in my house or we don't talk about technology it's an issue everywhere.

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