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The Best Salespeople Are the Best Storytellers!

Michael Farber: Is this company was born by a sales person for a salesperson a lot of the other and there's not too many vendors out there but they're all value engineers these are folks that don't think like sales people that haven't been in the trenches or dealing with champions and arming them and I always tell my prospects you're not building this calculator for your sales people you're building it for your champion and they are the ones that have to take it go to the CEO or the other stakeholders and explain it so I think they're not talking about all value engineers but I think a lot of the other competitors out there build such they take a sledgehammer to a thumbtack I know the best salespeople are storytellers and I think you could agree with that Troy I think I've even read that on some of the things that you've written I am not trying to build a P&L statement with our ROI calculator I am trying to sit down Troy with my champion give them a value story.

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