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Machine Learning and Data Science: What is it, and can everyone use it? 

Glenn Hopper: Machine learning is really it's Amazon has it Facebook has it as we've seen in the news a lot lately and how they're using it in the algorithms and you know Google certainly has it's these big fortune 100 or larger companies that have all this data and it's crazy how much data they have on us now we could do a whole you know whole podcast episode just on the amount of data they have on you new Amazon knows how to recommend the right products to you based on you know whatever their feeds their algorithm your purchase history your browsing history whatever you've done on Amazon site you Google what they have and everything so you know when you have that much data you can build very good predictive models but if you're a small service based company that invoices sends out 100 to 150 invoices per month what real data do you have you got your client contact info you got if you got an ERP or CRM system you know you may know how much they and you get however many invoices come into you from your vendors every month so you could train a model on that but it's just not that many.

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