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Laughed Out of the Room

Troy Vermillion: Wow long did it take you to actually have a working product you know once you actually because I assume did you start with it like building it off of like an excel sheet or did you just to kind of perfect some of the strategies and the formulas and then and then you transition to Excel based product?

Michael Farber: Umm I was very lucky to get laughed out of the room on my very first meeting it was going to be an Excel based spreadsheets and it was funny I thought OK this is a good model I mean companies gave me an excel spreadsheet but they were terrible Concur actually built a decent one so companies can't even do excel right and my idea was that I pitched to my friend I'm like let me go out I'll sell these excel based models I'll get $3k to $5k a pop and that's good it would have been a horrible it was a horrible plan for business.

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