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HR System Implementation Hack: You Need This for Success!

Kelly Hutchenson: I think one of the key things to do is to get cheerleaders is to the people within the organization that believe that the change needs to happen so you're not taking this on by yourself if you're looking to do a system implementation but you know it's going to take three to six months and it's going to be grueling and oh by the way you've got to benefit renewal that's thrown in the middle of there and now you've got new hires expanding and there's more on your plate team of cheerleaders find people from different departments that you know need this change have them buy into it have form your own committee how would we break this out build out a timeline build that in integration build out a communication process and a plan you may have three people that believe in this and then they go out and find three people on their own and then pretty soon it creates its own and I have done myself so much of a disservice in my career I think you know I can do this I can do this I love this this is great and then you're singing solo versus having the choir go out find your choir members so I think that's one way to when you talk about change management is to get the buy in of others and have them help lead the charge with you.

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