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AI on the Horizon: Uncovering Ray Kurzweil's Singularity and Quantum Computing

Glenn Hopper: Futurist seems like a no win job you've got like Ray Kurzweil if you've read any of his stuff great guy are brilliant and he was accurate for a number of years but he kind of he pictures that the entire he calls it the singularity in 2029 that's when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and we're that's coming pretty soon so I don't know if he's revised his first estimate on that you know and then there are people who say oh we won't even have self-driving cars as a practical thing for another 25 years and who knows where it's going to be all I know is the same thing that Ray Kurzweil says is technology growth is not linear it's exponential I mean you can look at from the first computers and AI where it's going so I think you're going to get to a point and I'm not even saying we're going to have artificial general intelligence anytime soon but the narrow AI is gonna get better and better as processing power improves and you mentioned quantum computing that's another probably closer than you'd like to think to getting the Max at where silicon chips can get us and so…

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